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Pew Features
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Curved Ergonomic Seats and Backs
Using today's innovations in the area of ergonomics, we a pleased to be able to offer ergonomic seats and backs. This seating better conforms to a persons body, making sitting a much more comfortable experience.
Seats and Backs made of custom board
Unlike solid wood, Custom Board is manufactured specifically to prevent splitting. This increases the life of your pews and helps to avoid unsightly cracks.

Custom Board has solid lumber core
Though having Custom Board is a necessity, all Custom Board is not created equal. There are generally 2 types of Custom Board available, Chip board and Solid Lumber Core. Our Custom Board has a solid lumber core that make the pews last longer.

Cushion-Loc™ available
Using the Cushion-Loc technology that we developed, we can increase the life of upholstered pews and make them easier to maintain. Please read about Cushion-Loc™ and find out how.

Fine Hand Sanding
One of the main reasons for the quality of our furniture is the amount of time we spend hand sanding. This allows us to spot and remove minor imperfections that a machine would miss.

Choice of Kneeler Type
We alone offer you a unique choice of kneelers. Besides offering standard kneelers, we also offer hydraulically silenced kneelers. These kneelers eliminate the "bang" of standard kneelers and make your place of worship more serene.

Other Features
·One Inch Minimum thickness on Seats and Backs
·1-5/8" inch thickness of Seat and Back Supports
·Large Selection of Pew End(Custom Ends Available)


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