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Our newest development in upholstered pews and pew chairs, the Cushion-Loc™ seating with removable cushions. This concept came into development for numerous reasons.

In the past the predominant or the only factor in the purchase of seating was the initial cost. Today's purchasers, however, look for quality, long life, cost effectiveness, and ease of maintenance as just some of their criteria when making their seating purchase.

With conventional manufactured upholstered seating, low cost is its only attribute. This has proven itself time and again not to be cost effective. The life of seating is is dependant upon the quality of its body and with conventional upholstered seating the cushion seat and back is the TOTAL body. Should either seat or back cushion get damaged through soilage, vandalism, wear and tear, or other, the whole pew or pew chair body is damaged.

With Cushion-Loc™ seating the cushions are removable from the pew which has a separate sturdy body beneath the removable cushions. One can remove the cushion without disassembling the pew or pew chair.

Cushion-Loc™ seating is manufactured to take shaped cushions which are removable without tools. They are however locked into place and no slippage will occur, as happens with all wood pews to which cushions have been applied. There are also no problems like those that develop when cushions or upholstery are fastened to all wood pews after initial manufacturing.

With Cushion-Loc™ both the seat and the back cushions can be removed for cleaning, waxing, or refinishing the wood surface. They can also be easily removed for reupholstering for any reason, including a change of decor.

This pewing has the basic pew body made of one inch net thick material upon which the cushions rest, and the cushions take their proper shape upon installation. The back of the backs are finished wood which will please or satisfy the choir director or organist. There are no cap plugs(for youngsters to peel out) nor are coverstrips needed. The back cushion is firmly locked into place by the seat cushion, and the front of the seat has a rub rail which absorbs the wear and tear rather than the seat cushion. The rub rail also locks the cushion firmly in place. No mechanical fastenings are required. Cushions can be made up to seven feet lengths, and butt together to form longer lengths. Upholstery fabric are furnished with Scotchguard™(3M Trademark) and wrinkle resistant applied.



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