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When making your kneeler selection, we alone offer you a unique choice. We manufacture both Premium and Serenity Kneelers.

Our Premium Kneelers are our high quality standard kneelers. Containing high density foam and commercial grade naugahyde, our kneelers are built to last. Wood legs and arms allow our kneelers to be stained to blend in harmony with your pews or chairs. Using high quality B-brackets with rubber stop bumpers lessen wear on pew supports and chair legs. Rubber shoes on the kneeler legs allow a softer landing on the floor, lessening marks and loud bangs. All of these thing makes our premium kneelers a superb choice.

Our Serenity Kneelers are our high end kneeler model. They contain all of the high quality components of the Premium Kneelers(listed above). However, they are also hydraulically silenced. Using hydraulic technology, Serenity Kneelers slowly lower themselves to the floor. This eliminates the loud bang when traditional kneelers hit the floor, allowing your place of worship to be more serene.

NOTE: For stand alone kneelers see Priedieux Section.




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