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As we move into the 21st Century, our Cathedral Pew Chairs are becoming the choice for Church and Chapel seating. While maintaining the dignified beauty of permanent pews, chairs allow a new flexibility.

Our Cathedral Pew Chairs can be ganged together to form straight rows, or can be placed into nearly any shape(including circles). Using our Cushion-Loc™ technology, replacing vandalized or soiled cushions becomes easy -- cushions can also be easily removed for cleaning.

Following the great success of our Cathedral Pew Chairs, we a proud to introduce our new Millenium Chairs. Lightweight and stackable our new Model 2000 also utilizes our Cushion-loc™ technology.

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»View all Models

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Pew Chair:
 ·Dignified Beauty of Pews
·Stackable in 2 ways

Millennium Chair:
 ·Spider Stacking (6 high)
·Permanent Bookrack




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