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Walter Jacobi and Sons, Inc.
Furniture with History and Tradition

As a family business, the history of our business and family are linked. For this reason, this history is both one of our family and our business.

Walter Jacobi came to the United States, from his native Germany, in 1904. Mary, his wife, came 8 years later. They were married in Chicago and settled in Salt Lake City, Utah.

In 1921, the forerunner of the present company was formed. During the depression, a disastrous fire leveled the building. With only burned out machinery and a small insurance settlement remaining, the business was disbanded. Without the money to rebuild, Walter stored the machinery in his shed.

With little work to be found, Leo, Walter and Mary's oldest son left Salt Lake City for San Francisco. There, he found a job with the Modern Fixture Company.

Two months later, Leo called home and said that their was an opening for a commission based sales position in the company. Walter then left for San Francisco and became their top salesman. After being switched from commission to salary, reducing his income, he decided to bring the machinery(from Salt Lake City) to his rented home in Daly City. In this house's basement he rebuilt the machinery and a new beginning was made under the name Walter Manufacturing Company.

In 1936, with the current factory proving to small, a larger factory was sought. After much searching, land was purchased in Belmont, CA and the new factory was built. In 1946, after the end WWII, the company dedicated itself completely to church furniture.

Since the beginning we have been providing custom, quality furniture for Cathedrals, Churches, and Chapels for all denominations. Our furniture can be found in the U.S., Pacific Rim, and Europe.




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